The 2nd Annual Next Generation Telecommunications Conference 2009:
Creating a Climate for Investment in NGA


13th & 14th October 2009 - Le Châtelain All Suite Hotel, Brussels 

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This high-level conference will explore future Next Generation Access (NGA) deployment and look at investment, architecture, implementation and regulation in the context of the current confusion regarding the adoption of the EU's telecom package.

Top-level speakers include: 

  Fabio Colasanti
  Director General
DG InfoSoc
  EU Commission 

  Rudolf Strohmeier
    Head of Cabinet
  of Commissioner
Viviane Reding

    EU Commission   

Lena Hägglöf

Director & Head of Division for Information Technology Policy,
Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy & Communications

Andrew Haire Deputy Director-General, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)

Plus many more, including:
Cecilio Madero Villarejo, Director for Markets and Cases, Information, Communication and Media, DG Competition, European Commission
Gloria Calvo Díaz, Member of the Board, Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), Spain
Gabrielle Gauthey, Senior VP Public Affairs Worldwide, Alcatel-Lucent
Michael Bartholomew, Director, ETNO
Steve Unger, Chief Technology Officer, Ofcom
Kip Meek, Chairman, Broadband Stakeholder Group
Kathleen De Smedt, Member of Board of Directors, FTTH Council Europe
Mats Nilsson, Head of European Affairs, Ericsson
Rafael Díez Vega, Director Corporate Regulation, Telefónica SA
Lars O. Gustafsson, VP Business Development, Oman Mobile
Jos Huigen, Director European Affairs, KPN
Erika Mann, Former MEP, European Parliament

Issues to be covered include:
- The effect of the revised telecom package
- Regulation and the NGA draft recommendations
- NGA investment - what is the right funding balance?
- NGA investment in today's current economic climate
- Transition to universal broadband for all
- NGA Deployment: Interconnection and Access Regulations

- Mobile broadband

Full agenda available online at Alternatively, for more information, please contact Amanda Strevens on / +44 (0) 2920 783021


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In light of the current situation with regards to the review of the EU telecoms framework, this conference will explore future Next Generation Access deployment. Issues will be explored such as implementation and regulation, shared risk models, and open network access/ network neutrality. Amid the current economic climate, increased government involvement in the roll-out of broadband networks for next-generation access (NGA) networks could imply a variety of regulatory and policy stances. This event will provide a platform for debate for creating the right balance between investment strategies, implementation and possible architectures versus the need for regulation.

Day 1 will focus on the Investment and developing a framework that allows players to maximise the huge potential that NGNs offer. By examining the various regulatory toolsthat are available, it will look at best practices in developing aninvestment friendly environment whilst maintaining a level playingfield.

Day 2 moves on to look at NGA deployment.It will review how the deployment of broadband is likely to emerge andconcepts involved with this including fixed and mobile business models and FTTH. How will the infrastructure be implemented and how will this affect both existing players and new entrants?




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