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JAQUET is now also IRIS-certified
It is our pleasure to announce that JAQUET has been awarded with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS)-certificate. This complements JAQUET's extensive Quality Management certificate portfolio, including ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949 automotive industry certificate, AS / EN / JISQ 9100 aerospace industry certificate - and now IRIS for railway industry.
IRIS is a promotion of Union of European Railway Industries (UNIFE) based on the ISO 9001-standard and is now also considering railway-specific requests. The new standard is acknowledged by all major system integrators and equipment manufacturers and makes the highest demands in quality issues at present. Its goal is to achieve an internationally uniform quality standard and to simplify lengthy procedures.
World’s smallest railway speed sensor - small in size, big in practice
In railway applications such as propulsion, space is limited and valuable. That’s why JAQUET builds its new railway sensors with an ASIC chip. The HALL-ASIC allows a reliable, fully integrated measurement circuit. The performance of the electric parts of the sensor, their reliability and MTBF-figures profit. Due to the reduced size (the chip is only 4 x 5 mm) smaller mechanical arrangements and thermoset housings are possible. The sensor below has only 16mm shaft diameter and 60mm length.
And more than that: Thanks to its small size the sensor provides a flexible cable entry. So it can be used in various applications without having to create diverse housings. ONE SIZE FITS ALL! As a result, the sensors are user friendly, more cost-effective and – at the same time – will set new standards for reliability.
Come and see us at InnoTrans 2010
in Berlin, 21.-24. September 2010, Hall 5.2., stand 113 C
JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP leads the field in innovative speed solutions for railway applications. At InnoTrans 2010 in Berlin we are pleased to introduce – in addition to our wide range of existing products – several new products for railways; modular speed sensor program, the market’s smallest railway sensor, speed sensor line for aluminum targets and diesel engine efficiency and monitoring kit. Looking forward to seeing you!
The JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP is a global engineering company that is headquartered in Basel (Switzerland) and has subsidiaries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, China and the USA. Our company’s core business is the development and production of advanced solutions for the detection, measurement, diagnosis and management of rotational speed, e.g. sensors, protection systems, and diagnostic systems.

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