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New York, August 23, 2011French artist and theorist Fred Forest (born in 1933) is one of the pioneers of video, media, and new media art. His work with interactive environments using computer and video components began as early as 1968. Also at the forefront of sociology and institutional critique, his work frequently interrogates the nature and function of art in a market-driven economy and at the age of information, and to which he answers and contributes to with immaterial and relational artworks.

Fred Forest is currently in residence at Residency Unlimited, New York (http://www.residencyunlimited.org) with the support of the Institut Français (http://www.institutfrancais.com/).


*Flux et reflux: la caverne d’internet is an interactive, multimedia exhibition project currently on view at the Centre d’art

Le Lait, Albi, France, from July1 - October 30. Participate online:http://www.flux-et-reflux.net


  • Sociological Walk in Brooklyn (NY) A re-enactment by Fred Forest, Thursday, September 8, 2011, 4pm
    French artist Fred Forest re-animates his Sociological Walk in Brooklyn and invites you to join him in exploring the social fabric of the Williamsburg neighborhood. First performed November 1973 in the São Paolo neighborhood Brooklin, the walk is part performance, part ad-hoc school, and part sociological study and encourages participants to rediscover their everyday environs. The walk will take place Thursday, September 8, 2011; it will begin at the Bedford subway stop at 4:00PM and last about an hour and a half. If you would like to take part in this FREE event, please email 
    SociologicalWalk@gmail.com Space is limited. Curated by Ruth Erickson, PhD Candidate, History of Art, UPenn.

  • A Lecture/Performance about “The Invisible System Work” by Fred Forest, in the frame of the one-night festival YANS (Young And Not Stupid) and RETO (Radical Even Though Old) at Anthology Film Archives, New york, Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 7pm

Organized by Jana Leo, MOSIS Foundation: Models and Systems; Art and City. http://fundacionmosis.com/English/yans.htm

With the support of Spain Culture New York, Consulate General of Spain in New York and INVISIBLE-EXPORTS  



Press Contact

Judith Walker

(212) 439 1407


  • Fred Forest: The Early Times of Sociological Art, A presentation followed by a panel discussion at Residency Unlimited, 360 Court street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 7pm

This event offers a unique opportunity to reconsider Fred Forest’s early works of sociological art. Since the late 1960s, Forest has deployed interventionist sociological methods and used the video medium as radical vehicles to not only raise consciousness and challenge dominant culture’s ideologies but also to activate participation and feedback. Through a strategy of infiltration and détournement of the mass media, Forest intends to provoke a shift from a passive model of information transmission to a dialogic, intersubjective mode. In this context, the artist is all at the same time a revealer, a mediator and a transformative agent of the social field.

Organized by Residency Unlimited: http://www.residencyunlimited.org/

In the presence of the artist and with the participation of Ruth Erickson, PhD Candidate, History of Art, UPenn, Maud Jacquin, Associate Curator, Residency Unlimited, Stéphanie Jeanjean, PhD Candidate, History of Art, CUNY Graduate Center, and Lauren Rosati, Assistant curator, Exit Art

  • From Sociological Art to The Aesthetics of Communication, A lecture by Fred Forest at MIT List Visual Arts Center (*), Cambridge, Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 6:30pm

(*) MIT List Visual Arts Center, Wiesner Building E-15 Bartos Theatre/lower atrium level, 20 Ames St., Cambridge, MA


  • Surprise Performance” (Homage to Pierre Restany): Invisible M2 by Fred Forest in a major artistic institution in New York City, September 23, 2011

To participate in this event and receive information regarding the schedule, please email fredforest@wanadoo.fr or follow on Twitter: @ACDirect

  • Forest in NYC: Meeting with Fred Forest about “Surprise Performance” (Homage to Pierre Restany): Invisible M2, A presentation/discussion with Fred Forest and Holly Crawford (Artist and Art Historian) moderated by Stéphanie Jeanjean (Art Historian, PhD Candidate, CUNY), Thursday, September 29, 2011, 7-9pm.

Hosted by AC Institute 547 W. 27th St, #610 New York, NY 10001 Refreshments/Champagne (offered by AC Institute)