From April 29th to May 2nd, 2010, Art Monaco '10 Special Edition will be presented as an exclusive regional and global platform for the promotion of contemporary art.

This exclusive event will be held in Monaco, which is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious places in Europe and one of the most coveted markets in the world. The Diaghilev Exhibition Hall of the renowned Grimaldi Forum will be transformed into a 35-thousand square foot art gallery for Art Monaco ’10 Special Edition and will host 100 exclusive exhibitors from around the globe. Galleries and artists will showcase and sell their original creations during the four-day festival. A VIP reception on April 29th will kick off the event, followed by three full days of vernissage-style exhibits open to the public.

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    Agathon Galleries specialises in museum quality Australian Aboriginal Art and is universally recognised for its premium investment quality paintings from the Central Desert and northern Australia. Our gallery is prestigiously located in the sophisticated arts hub in Waterloo Sydney.
    Agathon Gallery is the exclusive dealer for Tommy Watson who holds the world art auction record for a living Aboriginal artist. Agathon Galleries also exhibits paintings from many of Australia’s award winning Aboriginal artists. These include Helen Tyalmuty McCarthy, Ngoia Pollard and Yinarupa Ngangala.
    As innovators within the industry, the establishment of our new art centre studio in a pristine 10 acre rural precinct near Alice Springs has been a welcome initiative in raising the standards of professionalism across all aspects of the Aboriginal arts industry. Artists are provided with live in family accommodation, medical and professional support and payment at the highest levels. We enthusiastically support Australia’s new Indigenous Commercial Code of Conduct.

    Alessandro Dubini

    Agathon Gallery



    Alessandro Dubini is an Italian architect and designer based in Monaco. The Alessandro Dubini Ltd. Editions is a collection of his art design furniture pieces, all signed and numbered originals.
    Often described as ‘design’s great romantic’ or a ‘renaissance man’, he combines playful as well as extremely elegant forms with advanced technology, all characterized by strong emotional impact. Functionalism is not enough for Alessandro, he needs to create emotions and this is why his works are probably best described as sculptural furniture. Curious, challenging and inventive, his work ranges from design to architecture, from art direction and concept design to art installations and advertising campaigns.
    Alessandro Dubini’s works are exhibited in different art design fairs and festivals.

    Alessandro Dubini

    “Le Roi” by Alessandro Dubini



    Angel Art Gallery was founded in 2005 by Angela Galiandro. The gallerist proves to be sensibile to Contemporary Art and is an accurate expert in her research and selection of young and talented artists, whom she proposes through exhibitions, fairs and public events all over the world.
    Angel Art Gallery has created its own personal and original line, taking inspiration from various contemporary artistic currents, such as Superflat (Japan,) Lowbrow Art (California), New Folk (Canada,France, Sweden) and Spaghetti Pop (Italy).
    Angel Art Gallery will be present at Art Monaco '10 with an interesting selection of works by the following well - known artists: Marcel Dzama, Aya Takano, Kukula, Alex Gross, Gianfranco Pulitano, Massimo Caccia, Giuseppe Veneziano, Greg Gossel, Francesco De Molfetta, Xno, Nicoz Balboa, Tomoko Nagao.

    Angel Art Gallery

    Tomoko Nagao



    The Art Lounge gallery was the crossing of two distinct areas. First, the economic vision of the market based on academic and professional knowledge, secondly, the taste through art, national and international, focused mainly on the creativity of the contemporary field of fine arts.
    Located in the heart of Lisbon, close to businesses, embassies, hotels and active areas of consumption and trade, opened the door in 2005. A strong bet of the gallery is to bring internationally renowned artists from Portugal. In a market in expansion, in which globalization is fact, it has become urgent the disclosure of names with work performed and recognized in art circuits.
    Today the gallery is in a new space modern and adapted to any type of exhibitions, with about 500m2 and with all the conditions required a renowned international artist.

    Art Lounge Gallery

    by João Raul



    Buenos Aires holds a classical Art Fair that every year is dedicated to promote the different expressions of the artists from Argentina and abroad. That’s why ARTECLASICA has been consolidated, through its several editions, as the Argentina Art Fair which offers the true plurality of visual tendencies to its visitors with a strong profile both cultural and commercial.

    Arte Clásica

    by Alicia Farak



    Berlin Art Projects opened its doors in late 2008 in the Auguststrasse, 50b. Drawing from many years experience in the global art market, its founders have dedicated themselves to supporting the work of emerging and established artists living and working in Berlin. With a program of frequently changing exhibitions and events, the gallery is particularly committed to supporting and encouraging artists as they enter the art international world.
    The gallery focus is new tendencies in contemporary painting and sculpture. The spectrum of represented works ranges from Christian Awe’s abstract, Street Art inspired color worlds to young Turkish artist Yasam Sasmazer’s haunting wood sculptures to Sebastian Schrader’s realistically painted, precise compositions. Almost all of the gallery artists currently work in Berlin, and all are influenced and inspired by the city’s unique atmosphere.
    With its two Berlin branches, the gallery currently represents ten artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States. The project space in the Auguststrasse shows the artists’ latest works in solo exhibitions with an accompanying catalogue, while at the spacious showroom on Unter den Linden – in the direct vicinity of Museum Island and the Deutsche Guggenheim – individual works by different artists are placed in dialogue with one another and made accessible to a wider public.

    Berlin Art Projects

    American Apparel



    Bruno Art Group is managed by Mr. Motti Abramovitz, a third generation art dealer whose grandfather started in the art business over 100 years ago. Through the years expertise was passed from generation to generation, with each one adding to and building upon the one before. Three generations of experience and a strong commitment to the arts makes us particularly knowledgeable of our customer’s individual needs.
    Our best proof of quality is the many years the business has been running and succeeding. We place customer service at the top of our priorities. We are committed to providing outstanding quality artwork of renowned Israeli and international artists. The company covers all aspects of the art business - representing world renowned artists, owning and running a silk-screen workshop, and selling to the wholesale and retail markets. Bruno Art Group’s comprehensive and unique collections are currently available to wholesalers, art galleries and high-end designers while our retail customers can enjoy the same quality art in any one of our company galleries located throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Israel.


    Bruno Art Group



    Cain Schulte Contemporary Art aims for excellence both in vision and execution, through a full schedule of exhibitions and events. Since its opening in 2006 in San Francisco and 2009 in Berlin, Germany, Cain Schulte Contemporary Art is proud to be an influential presence and an important exhibition venue in the international art scene.
    Cain Schulte Contemporary Art represents contemporary artists from the United States and Europe with a focus in painting. Both galleries have a continuous exhibition program, featuring solo and group shows every 4-6 weeks. Cain Schulte Contemporary Art consistently participates in national and international art fairs. With the two galleries, owners Marina Cain and Kit Schulte seek to champion emerging contemporary artists working in a range of media with a focus on painting, who bring fresh interpretative visions to their genre and work within the context of the most contemporary art trends and cultural structures.


    Cain Schulte



    La Galerie Le Caméléon vous propose une palette multicolores d'artistes créatifs et authentiques aux styles variés : l'Art d'aujourd'hui, l'art singulier, l'art naïf et bien d'autres créativitées. Le sentiment d'authenticité et d'autant plus ressenti dès que l'on pousse sa porte située rue James Close au cœur de la pittoresque vieille ville d'Antibes.
    Déjà de nombreux collectionneurs ont pris l'habitude de s'y rendre afin de ne pas rater d'œuvres uniques d'artistes hors du commun ; peintures féériques et des sculptures tout droit sorties d'un monde imaginaire. Toutes ces œuvres sont teintées d'émotion et vous invite à les découvrir au plus vite, pour cela vous pouvez vous rendre sur
    Le Cameleon Gallery caters to many tastes offering a multi-colored palette of creative artists who work in a variety of styles from Contemporary Art to Arte Naive and more. With a great turnover of artists several art collectors are loyal returning clients attracted by the exceptional work of talented artists. Like a Chameleon blending with its background our masterpieces add luster to your environment. For a foretaste of the sublime aesthetics that grace our artists' work please visit our site.


  • Camaleon


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