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« Jazz and Nice, an affair with a long history and one that the town is keen to preserve, like the crowning jewel in its musical heritage. In 2011, Nice returns to the source of its jazz festival with a new configuration: more accessible, more open, more urban. »

Christian Estrosi

Region Representative

Mayor of the city of Nice

Head of Nice Côte d’Azur


John McLaughlin, a prestigious godfather

Influenced by Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt and Ravi Shankar, he was a pioneer of jazz rock, alongside friend Miles Davis.

It is difficult to boil down the career of John Mc Laughlin, influenced by Eastern philosophy and music, to just a few words. He founded many bands including the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Shakti in the 70s, which regrouped in 1997 under the name of Remember Shakti.

After exploring all musical genres and many encounters, he is back surrounded by long time acolytes: the musicians of the 4th Dimension band.

John McLaughlin is one of the best-rounded and polyvalent guitar players in the world. He remains a reference and mentor for many established artists.

He has lived in Monaco for a number of years, and it is as a neighbourly gesture that John McLaughlin has taken on the role of godfather to the Nice Jazz Festival, that he attends every year, as a headliner or in the audience to see perform his many friends with whom he has often shared the stage…

Harry Lapp, an artistical director with expertise

In the 70’s Harry Lapp began to organize his first venues when he was head of the law fraternity in Strasbourg, France.

He made his first paths in the jazz world close to Norman Granz and Georges Wien, the two biggest American tour organizers.

In 1975, he creates Harry Lapp Organization, an

entertainment production company specialized in organizing concerts for jazz, rock, dance, stage and classical music.

In an interview Harry Lapp made his point « to best answer the mayor’s wish to relocate the core of the Festival around Jazz and its current heritage ».

He emphasizes “how important it is to merge the artistical composition between the various stages, and to offer different music genres around the Théâtre de Verdure and Albert 1er, in order to touch and gather as much audience as possible ».

Nice Jazz Festival 2011


If jazz comes from overseas, the French Riviera highly contributed to its expansion throughout Europe. It all started when World War I ended, with the freshly landed sammies who blew their horns in the various Riviera venues.

Jazz, a welcoming music which started to first infatuate the upper-class and the intelligentsia spreading out a fresh air of total freedom. Soon jazz became compulsory for the hipsters and evolved into a popular music, touching the general public too.

Stéphane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt are the first French musicians to master this new genre. As a matter of fact, in 1948, they will take part in the first International Jazz Festival created in Nice.

This festival makes the city of Nice avant-garde in terms of spreading out and selling jazz music beyond its connoisseurs circle. In 1960, the city of Antibes took over the organization of the festival for 23 years. It is in 1971 that Nice took over Antibes with the two stages, Théâtre de Verdure and the Albert 1er Gardens, before becoming in 1974 the famous “big parade”, well-know overseas, in the historical Cimiez quarter.

Since 1992, the various private producers booked by the city have been creating, each with its own personality, a festival different than the former.

In 2011, the city of Nice delibarately decides to take over the organization of the jazz festival for its own, offering a beautiful challenge to the communication and PR department. The 5th city in France ought to conceive a new festival which would stand out with its originality, openness and closeness to the public as a real popular festival, with a vibrant Jazz Off resonating throughout the whole city.

For the 2011 season, Nice Jazz Festival changes its look getting back to its core values thanks to a real popular event at the heartbeat of the city.

2011 pays tribute to Miles Davis, who passed away 20 years ago, dedicating the opening night of the festival to the genius trompettist, as well as programming artists in his direct heritage, with a bunch of sidemen of his as well…

The Albert 1er Gardens, back to the origins

Located downtown, at the core of the city, almost by the beaches, Nice Jazz Festival is an area perfectly connected by both the bus and streetcar networks, where commuters will be offered parking-spaces.

“Vélobleu” is another means to access easily and eco-friendlily the site.

This new location offers a preserved framework, with access facilitated, aiming at catching a new audience. The public will be seduced by an improved view on the stages, making the difference.

The Théâtre de Verdure is a concert hall already supplied and cost-effective which allows a decreased participation from the city.

Its downtown location will enliven the heart of the city and offer more business opportunities to the shops, restaurants and hotels close-by.

The Albert 1er Gardens have become an appreciated venue to the locals, for the Carnaval, The Book Festival, many sport-events, the Philarmonical which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the official merging of the city with France etc…

Two stages, two different moods: the Masséna stage which contains 6000 standing people and the Théâtre de Verdure, with 800 seats and 1400 stand-ups. Both offering a general capacity of 9000 viewers.

Program 2011

DAY / STAG                 Masséna & Théâtre de Verdure


Friday July 8th

Tribute to Miles Davis

7:30 p.m. KIND OF BLUE

REVISITED: With Alex Tassel, Rick

Margitza, Pierrick Pédron, Franck

Avitabile, Diego Imbert, Julien





the 4th Dimension

Greatest Jazz Vocal Standards

7:30 p.m. NICE JAZZ




Saturday July 9th

World Music



8:30 p.m. ASA


Blues Night

7:30 p.m. Homemade Jamz

Blues Band

8:15 p.m. JEAN-JACQUES



Sunday July 10th

Nu Jazz & Electro

7:30 p.m. NO JAZZ


9:45 p.m. MORCHEEBA

Jazz made in France

7:30 p.m. DOMINIQUE


8:30 p.m. MARTIAL SOLAL &




Monday July 11th

Sweet Soul Music


8:30 p.m. MACY GRAY

10 p.m. SEAL “THE


New Generation

7:30 p.m. Winner of tremplin





Tuesday July 12th

Soul & Funk

7:30 p.m. ALOE BLACC

8:30 p.m. KEZIAH JONES


Masters of Jazz

7:30 p.m. ROY HARGROVE


8:30 p.m. AHMAD JAMAL


Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra


Artists fact-sheets

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Please find enclosed our exciting program for 2011:

30 all-stars in Nice for 5 days, starting on July 8th.

Friday July 8th / Théâtre de Verdure

Greatest Jazz Vocal

Nice Jazz Orchestra 7:30 p.m.

The goal of the Nice Jazz Orchestra is to feature the best jazz soloists of the area in a wide creative repertoire focused on modern jazz and French and European jazz composers or in innovative interpretations and original arrangements of unexplored jazz repertoire with non musician artists: painters, visual artists and dancers.

Line up : - Director: Pierre Bertrand -Sax: Jean Marc Baccarini, Jean Christophe Dicostanzo, Christian Bonichi, Ludovic Tallarico, Benjamin Boutant -Trombones: Frédéric Luzignant, Francesco Castellani, Alex Perdigon, Laurent Bella- Trumpets: Joel Chausse, Tony Russo, Philippe Giuli, Philippe Bleuez -Piano: Fred D'oeniltz -Guitar: Amaury Filliard -Bass: Christian Pachiaudi -Drums: Alain Asplanato -Percussions: Minino Garay.

Roberta Gambarini 8 p.m.

Roberta Gambarini was born in Turin (Italy) in a jazz-loving family. At 17, she starts taking singing lessons and performing in various clubs in Northern Italy. She then moves to Milan to pursue her career as a jazz singer.

Soon after moving to the United States in 1988, she gets noticed by jazz professionals when she finishes third at the Thelonius Monk International Jazz Vocal Competition.

Her first solo album, Easy to Love (2006) gets very good reviews and even a Grammy nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album. In 2008, she records a new album, You Are There with legendary piano player Hank Jones.

Roberta Gambarini multiplies performances with the likes of Roy Hargrove, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, James Moody and Toots Thielemans. Her last album is So in Love.

Line up : Roberta Gambarini (voice) with Nice Jazz Orchestra

Michel Legrand 9:15 p.m.

Michel Legrand has written over 200 movie and TV tracks, as well as many musicals and over a hundred albums. He has won 3 Oscars out of 13 nominations, 5 Grammy as well as an Emmy nomination.

His first album, I love Paris, is one of the best selling instrumental albums of all times.

He is a true jazz virtuoso, classical piano player and accomplished composer. In prestigious groups, he has played with the best orchestras in the world, including those of St.Petersbourg, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta and Denver.

Michel Legrand has played with Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Stan Getz and many more. He is one of the great French musicians and has had a varied, rich and adventurous career.

Line up : Michel Legrand (voice and piano) with the Nice Jazz Orchestra.

Friday July 8th / Masséna Stage

Miles Davis’s Guitar Heroes

Kind of Blue Revisited 7:30 p.m.

Fifty years after its release, Miles Davis’ album Kind Of Blue remains the bestselling jazz album of all times. Musicians, critics and music lovers have it on their “desert island” list. This album is a permanent influence on all music styles whether they are inspired by jazz, pop or contemporary.

A half-century later, the echo of Kind Of Blue still resonates in the air. There wasno question that the Nice Jazz Festivalopening concert would feature a high levelline up to revisit and measure the depth ofthe imprint it left on all of us.

Around American tenor sax Rick Margitza, former road buddy of Miles Davis and leader of this project, the best of the new French Jazz scene.

Line up : - Alex Tassel : Trumpet - Rick Margitza : sax tenor - Pierrick Pédron : alto sax -Baptiste Trotignon : piano - Jérôme Regard : stand up bass - Julien Charlet : drums Mike Stern & Didier Lockwood 8:15 p.m.

An explosive encounter soaked in fusion jazz, with Mike Stern, consecrated by Miles Davis, and Didier Lockwood, who made his first steps in band Magma.

Despite being considered as the spiritual son of Stéphane Grappelli, Lockwood never needed a style inspiration to become what he is: the creator of a unique sound based on swing and on the brilliance that makes him one of the greatest jazz violinists in the world.

His exceptional thirty-year career has always been soaked in energy and a drive to engage in ever more creative directions. He is the guest of a former friend of Miles Davis: unparalleled guitarist Mike Stern, who played on the We want Miles album.

Stern blends the freedom of jazz with the energy of rock and funk. He is a reference in Fusion jazz.

Line up : Mike Stern (guitare) - Didier Lockwood (electric violin ) - Tom Kennedy (electric bass) - Dave Weckl (drums)

John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension 10 p.m.

With new album To the One (Abstract Logix/Mediastarz), legendary guitar player and composer John McLaughlin (2010 Grammy Award) takes audiences on an exceptional journey through time. With their beat structure, harmonics and the telepathic interaction within the band, the album’s six original compositions display the direct influence of John Coltrane’s spiritual 1965 masterpiece A Love Supreme.

Passionate and sincere, To The One is first and foremost inspired by the artistic and spiritual challenge proposed by Coltrane’s masterpiece, and uses the very visionary musical and technical vocabulary perfected by John McLaughlin from the beginning of his brilliant career.

Line up : John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension with Gary Husband (keys & drums), Etienne Mbappé (bass), Mark Mondésir (drums)

Saturday July 9th / Théâtre de Verdure

Blues Night

Homemade Jamz Blues Band 7:30 p.m.

The Homemade Jamz Blues Band is the youngest American blues band with prodigies 19 year-old Ryan Perry (guitar, voice), 16 year-old Kyle Perry (bass) and 12 year-old Taya Perry (drums) who revisit and update the Mississippi Delta blues.

This young trio is surprisingly mature and confident, with groove to boot !

From the first bars they will play on stage, audiences will understand why they have been taken under the wing of blues master BB King...

Jean-Jacques Milteau 8:15 p.m.

"What other current than blues has had the same influence on the last century’s musical landscape? A century of social, technical and human evolution, from the cotton field to the Internet and industrialization, radio, recording techniques and civil rights…

Born from the clash of African and European cultures, blues is in the DNA of jazz, rock, soul, funk and even rap.

Propelled from the Mississippi Delta to the world’s greatest city stages, its tones are found in Stravinsky, Coltrane, Moby and U2.

Blues’ musical language is widely used by many artists to express their own emotions. Most uniquely, blues is based on complicity with the audience, who entices musicians to express emotions that they sometimes didn’t know about!

This is why the evening of July 9th is, first and foremost, yours. We will see you there.” J.J. Milteau

Line up : Manu Galvin (guitar, voice) - Ron Smyth (voice) - Michael Robinson (voice) Michel Amsellem (keyboards) - Gilles Michel (bass, voice) - Eric Lafont (drums)

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Joe Louis Walker 9:45 p.m.

Joe Louis Walker is often compared to Robert Cray and Lucky Peterson, with whom he created the contemporary blues movement in the 80s. He was born in San Francisco on December 25th and is now more rooted than his two colleagues in the deep blues tradition.

He was a close friend of Mike Bloomfield (Butterfly blues band) who directed him to blues after he experimented with rock and gospel.

He worked with many labels but mostly with Hightone, who gave him a brilliant debut, and Verve/Polygram, with whom he released 7 of his best albums.

He won many W.C Handy Awards, including for Best contemporary artist in 1988 and 1991, the Bay area music award , and the Best blues artist award .

Saturday July 9th / Masséna Stage World Music

Anthony Joseph and the Spasm Band 7:30 p.m.

Anthony Joseph’s hip movements are bewitching: he is very charismatic and one of the most creative artists from across the English Channel!

His repertoire is an odyssey through the entire Black Music History blending soul, funk, jazz, Afro Beat and even trance.

Anthony Joseph and his Spasm Band are directly inspired by Isaac Hayes, Gil Scott Heron, James Brown and Marvin Gaye.

This tireless beat machine is sure to electrify you!

His last album, Bird head Son, includes 2011 Nice Jazz Festival featured artist Keziah Jones.

Asa to 8 :30 p.m.

Recently nominated for the 2011 Victoires de la Music for Best Female Singer, uniquely voiced Asa presents her second single Why Can’t We from her last album Beautiful Imperfection .

Certified Gold Record and reaching iTunes #1 spot right after its release, the second offering of the Nigerian artist marks a musical turn: upbeat and decidedly pop aesthetics reminiscent of the first single Be My Man in a 60s funky rock à la Motown.

On her new single Why Can’t We, whose reggae folk accents are reminiscent of Jailer or Fire on the Mountain that revealed her, Asa makes a stellar use ofbrass, claps and choirs.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Carlinhos Brown 10 p.m.

Carlinhos Brown is a great figure of the new international Brazilian music. In the 80s, young Antonio changes his name to Carlinhos Brown, as a tribute to James Brownand H. Rap Brown, partisans of the Black Panthers.

In 1992, he plays on Sergio Mendes’ album Brasileiro for Which h he composes five tracks. The album receives a World Music Grammy Award, thus increasing its international fame. Brown arranges, composes and produces with many greats including Bill Laswell, Angélique Kidjo and Miyazawa Kazufumi.

Carlinhos Brown successfully put forward his Brazilian roots and exported his talent internationally, proving that his colourful music crosses all boundaries.

Line up : - Carlinhos Brown : Leader- Mikael Mutti Ramos : Keyboard - Gerson Severino da Silva : Guitar - Ronaldo Borges dos Santos : Bass - Paulo Eduardo da Rocha Silva : Drums - Rowney Archibald Scott Júnior : Sax - Geraldo Manoel de Souza Júnior : Sax - Elbermário Rodrigues Barbosa : Percussion - Jocimário Pereira da Conceição : Percussion - Danilo Nascimento Gualberto : Percussion.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Sunday July 10th/ Théâtre de Verdure Jazz made in France

Dominique Fillon 7 :30 p.m.

Dominique Fillon is in a perpetual musical journey. After a first album, Détours, he takes us over the two Americas with a project called Americas .

With a constant thirst for style blending, he uses a North-South crossing of the new continent to express many musical accents. He blends rhythms and sounds to better unsettle us. With Americas , the accent is on the melody. Dominique Fillon is a genuine composer who likes to tell stories.

He worked with many artists’ as an arranger or as a composer, like he did for Sanseverino. For Dominique Fillon, music is mainly a shared moment of enjoyment and the stage is the best showcase of an ever-more festive and convivial game.

Line up :-Dominique Fillon : piano - Kevin Reveyrand : stand up bass - Francis Arnaud : drums - Olivier Roman-Garcia : guitar.

Martial Solal & Stefano Bollani 8 :30 p.m.

Two generations meet in this fourhand duet where 45 years separate Martial Solal and Stefano Bollani.

Together they promise a high voltage exchange in which the piano speaks many languages at many levels.

Martial Solal knows how and has the skills to best exploit a musical dialogue: he has played in mythical duets with artists coming from a variety of backgrounds, origin and experiences: Stephane Grappelli, Eric Le Lann and Lee Konitz.

Martial Solal remains an indisputable master of jazz piano, and Stefano Bollani is just as promising. Not only has he collaborated with mentor Enrico Rava, he still surprises the most demanding with his high energy, eclectic tastes and rich musical references. He has now joined the ECM family.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Michel Portal « Bailador » 9:45 p.m.

Baïlador’ music is plentiful, torrential, brilliant, sophisticated. He ticks all the check boxes: strictness and fun, knowledge and generosity, sparkling technique and abundance of fun, precision and momentum…

He is always both a playful hedonist seeking to share experiences and a cerebral and particular musician. Still he only wanted « simple melodiesand open themes that rise as if they ended withquestion marks. »

Maybe this is the self-portrait of what he is today: a musician rooted in an intimate knowledge of all jazz. The result is a soothing and diverse palette with as many bright colours as pastel, as much furtive movement as meditative slowness. Beyond the usual debate on avant-garde, classicism or jazz blending, Michel Portal plays his music, with eagerness, virtuosity, light and a perpetual sense of newness.

Line up : -Michel Portal : bass clarinet, soprano and alto sax-Bojan Z : piano, Fender Rhodes -Nasheet Waits : drums -Ambrose Akinmusire : trumpet -Harish Raghavon : stand up bass.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Sunday July 10th / Masséna Stage Nu Jazz & Electro

NO JAZZ 7:30 p.m.

No Jazz is a French electronic band whose music is often called Nu Jazz, due to the presence of brass and strong jazz influences. Its first eponymous album released in 2002 by Teo Macero, Miles Davis’ producer. Born after a meeting of musicians from different horizons, No Jazz offers a handful of colourful remixes.

Featured everywhere in France and the world, No Jazz has become, in 10 years and 4 albums, much more than a band: a musical UFO whose fame is spreading like weed in all international fields...

Nils Petter Molvaer 8:30 p.m.

Nils Petter Molvaer is a Norwegian trumpet player playing electronic jazz-fusion. He often uses a mute, sounding at times like the Miles Davis of the 70s and 80s, without ever being a carbon copy.

Molvaer focuses on digital technologies to create a unique musical experience that superimposes, in real time, analogical and digital sounds.

Nils Petter Molvaer is unquestionably one of the most innovative European jazz musicians. His concert promises sound experiments between jazz, electro, ambient, and even house. A genuine multisensorial journey in uncharted territory awaits.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Morcheeba 9:45 p.m.

Morcheeba is a British band, comprised of brothers Paul Godfrey (Dj) and Ross Godfrey (guitar and keyboards), and a female singer.

The group has had a few female singers in the last few years, including Daisy Martey, Jody Sternberg and Manda Zamolo. But since 2010, their first singer Skye Edwards has come back for their 7th album titled Blood like limonade .

Her voice is the band’s trademark. Morcheeba’s comeback offers a return to the sources of music, promising slow and beaming trip hop grooves.

«Morcheeba has always wanted to record the album missing from our collection .» explains Morcheeba guitar player Ross Godfrey, who also plays many instruments and has many talents. « I can come home from the pub and spendhours digging into thousand of old vinyls to find the perfect album for thatmoment, and it is always one we wanted to record ourselves, with this threeo’clock stoned feeling, like a warm and distorted psychedelic cloud. »

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Monday July 11th / Théâtre de Verdure New Generation

Winner of tremplin NJF 7:30 p.m.

Coming soon: more information on the springboard, under the Festival Off tab :


Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue 8:15 p.m.

The new album of Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews, Backatown , is the work of a rare artist, not only capable of inspiring unconditional respect to jazz legends, but also exuding an energy that hypnotizes both the public and international rock stars (such as studio collaborator Lenny Kravitz).

With an unprecedented mix of rock, funk, jazz, hiphop and soul, he endeavoured to give a name to his signature sound: Supafunkrock! Troy Andrews is the kind of musician that is only comes once every generation, and Backatown is the last and most definitive expression of an art as unique as his raw talent. Expert of the trombone and trumpet, Troy Andrews also plays other instruments, applying the same talent and strict discipline to his soulful voice.

He showcases it on this album, recorded with the virtuosos of his Orleans Avenue Band: Mike Ballard (bass), Pete Murano (guitar), Joey Peebles (drums), Dwayne Williams (percussions), Dan Oestreicher (baritone saxophone) and prestigious guests: Allen Toussaint (on his composition On Your Way Down ), Lenny Kravitz (guitar and voice: Something Beautiful ) and Marc Broussard (voice: Right to complain ).

Line up :-Troy “Trombone Shorty“ Andrews : trombone, trumpet, vocals– Michael “Bass“ Ballard : bass – Peter “Freaky Pete“ Murano : guitar – Dan “Uncle Potato Chip“ Oestereicher : baritone sax – Joey “In and out“ Peebles : drums – Dwayne “Bid D“ Williams : percussion – Tim Mc Father : tenor sax.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Avishai Cohen 9:30 p.m.

Avishai Cohen finished Gently Disturbed, his last trio album released by the label he founded (Razdaz Recordz) before signing with Blue Note, like a musical banquet with Structure inEmotion. The melody was important to him, as it had been featured on the first album he recorded on his own label in 2003: Lyla.

Avishai Cohen’s music shoots like torrential emotion without ever getting mushy, inappropriately lyrical or too campy. The structure of the tracks and their intimate architecture are surprising, eventful and hang like a melodic bomb of peace or destruction. His compositions harvest emotion and hold it to better cultivate it, as to retain its energy along the road that brings it to the ears of the audiences.

With Seven Seas , the Jerusalem-born and Tel-Aviv resident has become one of the most popular jazzmen of the decade. He is pushing his pushing his artistic journey through the roof. The stand-up bass player climbed a new step on his artistic ascent.

At 40, it might be the proverbial “maturity album” if that didn’t sound so serious. No, one is not serious at 40 yet, and Avishai Cohen remains “gently disturbed”.

So we might bring up the album’s diversity and we may be getting close to an “album-odyssey”. The title evokes the legendary Seven seas, and is the most exciting and surprising journey recorded by the Israel musician.

Line up :- Avishai Cohen : Contrebasse- Amir Bresler : Batterie-Nitay Hershkovitz: Piano

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Monday July 11th / Scène Masséna Sweet Soul Music

Charles Bradley 7:30 p.m.

Charles Bradley is one of the most imminent representatives of Brooklyn’s soul music. At 62, he has just released his first album: as oldfashioned as apple pie.

His voice is the true witness of a difficult life: husky and deep-feeling, it makes him a soul man like there are none anymore. To him, soul music really comes from within.

From Maine to Alaska, he roamed the American continent, taking small jobs while always continuing to live his passion on the side on anonymous stages.

That was until he met Dap-Kings producer and Dunham Records founder. His rough pitch is poignantly beautiful and the intense energy of his album No Time fordreaming announce a fruitful career.

Macy Gray 8:30 p.m. (to be confirmed)

The Sellout , the first album in 3 years for the Grammy-winning singer-composer, will come out simultaneously with Concord Records in the United States and Universal Music Group elsewhere in the world. The Sellout’ s twelve new songs were written in part and partly produced under the supervision of Gray in Los Angeles during 2009. It was mixed by four-time Grammy-winner Manny Marroquin, credited for the top-10 hits of Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kanye West and John Mayer.

Among other collaborators are T.I., Bobby Brown, Kaz James (Bodyrockers), Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum, former members of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver respectively.

"The Sellout is my story of finding salvation by being myself rather than what I thought others wanted me to be, says the singer. I was at a point in my career where I tried everything that was asked of me, which led me to lose my true nature". Sparkling melodies and personal lyrical insight permeate The Sellout, true confident declaration by one of the most gifted creative forces in contemporary music.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

SEAL «The Commitment Tour» 10 p.m.

Seal, real name Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adelo Samuel, was born in London on February 19th 1963.

This singer-songwriter’s repertoire is very diverse and encompasses pop, rock, soul and even house...

Two years after his incredible cover album Soul , diamond certified with nearly a million sales, Seal makes a very intimate comeback in 2010 with Commitment , a return to his sources.

In all 11 songs of this last album, he finds the right tone to sing about love and feelings in a soft pop-soul style. Seal’s voice is recognizable with its very specific and suave tone.

In this range, he offers the best of his talent by singing the ballads that brought him success. On this last album, he partnered with American producer David Foster, adding an additional touch of incomparable skill.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Tuesday July 12th / Scène Théâtre de Verdure

Masters of Jazz

Roy Hargrove quintet 7:30 p.m.

Wynton Marsalis, playing that same night at the Nice Jazz Festival, was first to discover Hargrove’s talents during a university visit. He then set up a first tour in Europe and Japan. One of his main influences, sax player David Fathead Newman, played with Ray Charles’ band. Hargrove recorded with an impressive number of artists including Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, Natalie Cole and Diana Krall.

After his successful funk project RH Factor in 1983, Roy returns to acoustic jazz. Second last album Earfood (2008) was recorded as a quintet with Groovin’ High/Emarcy and ascends the jazz charts by the end of that same year. But for the Texan trumpet player, recording Emergence was not an impulsion, but rather the fulfilment of a dream. To build his repertoire, Hargrove taps in his favourite albums and his own compositions: he masterfully balances ballads and swing tunes, Latininspired jam sessions and jazz standards.

Line up :-Roy Hargrove :trumpet & flugelhorn -Jonathan Batiste : piano -Ameen Salem :bass -Montez Coleman :drums -Justin Robinson : alto sax & flute.

Ahmad Jamal 8 :30 p.m.

His fame took an exponential upward curve when trumpet player Miles Davis, fan of the piano player’s use of sound space and musical architectures, revisits many themes written by Jamal (including New Rhumba).

One of his specificities lies in his left-hand play, borrowing a similar beat to Charleston, earning him the nickname Two-right handed man. At 80, Ahmad Jamal has become an essential figure of jazz history. He worked with Art Tatum, Nat King Cole, Lester Young,

Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker and Bud Powell: “All were innovative, while today, we mostly see competition between artists.”

Now, he feels exclusively interpelledby the structures his compositions streamline. Whenspeaking of his artistic motto, Jamal says: “Reflect, as a mirror, creativity, is all an artist can do.” This is hismission and his philosophy. Ahmad Jamal is the onlypiano player considered a reference by KEITH JARRETT!

Line up :- Ahmad Jamal : piano - James Cammack : bass -Herlin Riley : drums –Manolo Badrena : percussions (to be confirmed).

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Wynton Marsalis & Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra 10 p.m.

Wynton Marsalis is one of the most sought after jazzmen of his generation, and one of few trumpet players to shine in both jazz and classical music.

At the dawn of his 50th birthday, he has recorded over thirty jazz and fifteen classical music albums.

Marsalis was born in an illustrious New Orleans jazz family. He shines with virtuosity and constantly seeks the perfection that is found in his interpretations of the great traditional standards.

He developed an instantly recognizable sophisticated personal style and aesthetics. During the Nice Jazz Festival, he will headline the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, an 18-piece big band of soloists and sidemen who will play original compositions and standards.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Tuesday July 12th / Masséna Stage Soul & Funk

Aloe Blacc 7:30 p.m.

"My music’s goal is to instil positive social change , says California native Aloe Blacc. Even if music doesn’t explicitly express the need for social change, what it inspires will ".

He speaks generally of his career, but also of the specifics of recording his last album, GoodThings, partly written by this versatile songwriter and vocalist and the Truth & Soul Records team.

Belonging to the first generation of Panamaborn Americans, Aloe has become what writer and activist Amiri Baraka (born Leroi Jones) said of John Coltrane, namely a unique “array of feelings…a settled traveller” who has found cohesion in the art of life.

Aloe has never claimed to be a part of the Marvin Gaye legacy, but Good Things and What’s Going show some similarities. Both albums successfully have created instantly recognizable artists among the flock of conforming performers . Good Things is a statement that definitely puts Aloe in the landscape of modern soul.

Keziah Jones 8:30 p.m.

Keziah Jones created the blufunk movement, a clever blend of blues, folk, soul and funk. Most famous tracks include Rhythm is love and Beautiful Emilie .

He starts honing his craft in London pubs: music is his true passion. In 1991, he is noticed in the tube by artistic director Phil Pickett. His influences include Jimi Hendrix, Prince and African roots Yoruba.

Keziah Jones is always a joy to see on stage. His timeless and universal style’s charm always operate. He will be featured as a solo artist by the Nice Jazz Festival.

Nice Jazz Festival 2011

Maceo Parker 10 p.m.

Maceo Parker is a living legend. Adored sax player, he splendidly represents funk. To him, funk is an attitude defined by his desire to flood his environment with positive vibrations. Just like a guru, Maceo Parker will make you forget all your concerns with his motto: “We love you” .

In the last ten years, Maceo built a new funk empire: young, with diverse style, skilfully using both the 60’s JB soul with the funk of 70s George Clinton. He played for 25 years with godfather James Brown whose greatest hits he peppers with his sax and creativity.

In 1990, his own band’s first album Roots revisited, has a unique sound: a journey through the steps of funk and seasoned with a few ballads and an explosive temperament. A perfect balance of 2% jazz and 98% funk.




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