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The Global Forum 2015 is taking place in Oulu, Finland on September Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th. The theme of this year s' edition is: DIGITALIZATION, from Disruption to Sustainability.

The world in 2020 will be a far different world than today's. So what will happen in the next five years? In the last decade we digitalized the world, now the challenge is to create a true digital world.

As governments, businesses and citizens, how can we grasp those transformations ? We will highlight the issue of investment and innovation, including the virtuous innovation cycle and the potential of ICT to transform Societies and digital life. The Global Forum 2015 will debate about strategic directions and tactical guidance for those involved in dealing with the challenges of the Digitalization.

Attached the updated GF 2015 evolving program following the EU Steering Committee which took place in Paris, you can also see the GF 2015 presentation and GF 2015 in Oulu presentation

This 24th edition of the Global Forum/Shaping the Futurebenefits of a strong support and commitment from the City of Oulu, the Finnish Government and Oulu Innovation Alliance (a strategic agreement made by the City of Oulu, the University of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the Technical Research Centre of Finland and Technopolis Oyj). 

The Global Forum's informal & creative atmosphere provides the best conditions for people to get and to work together and to establish new partnerships, collaborations and other valuable contacts.

The event manages to compress an important agenda with each session gathering some of the world's top experts, It is a network connecting and strengthening links between various stakeholders of the digital society. The Global Forum is a platform for synergies, debates, networking, cooperation and creation of innovative projects.

The Global Forum gathers around 300 high-level participants from more than 35 countries from all continents: public/private organizations & stakeholders interested and concerned by the evolution and impacts of the digital society.

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