President Trump, We the people are asking you to ban George Soros from our country. We ask you to ban both George Soros and all his family members from doing any and all business in our country from contributing to politicians or their foundations in order to influence and manipulate our corrupt politicans.

We are asking you to make it a crime to do business with George Soros or family members  or businesses continuing his agenda against America. We are asking it be a crime to accept any money from him whether it be donations, investments, etc. We are asking you to issue a warrant for his arrest for hiring people for willful intent to riot and protest injuring our people and damaging our properties.

We ask to close the Move On Org for their known association and funding by George Soros.  For participating in the hiring and planning of riots and protest by George Soros direction. We ask a warrant be issued for interfering with our election process by cheating with his voting machines.  We are asking all of his voting machines be removed immediately.





We ask for a warrant to be issued for his willful actions to destabilize and bankrupt our economy by pushing his anti America open borders globalist New World Order society agenda with the intent of destroying our country. By his own words: in his book The Age of Fallibility, Soros writes, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States” He announced in 2003 that it is necessary to “puncture the bubble of American supremacy.”

Soros continues working systematically to achieve that goal buying our governments, manipulating our currency, buying politicians and negatively buying influence over our western values. Soros has provided funding of abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, feminism, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, and other radical experiments in social engineering. 

He intends to send the refugees to bankrupt and destabilize our country. In his corrupt thinking it will be his greatest achievement to destroy America. He continues to interfere and manipulate our government with his payments to corrupt politicians including the voting recount trying to remove you he funded.

He continues to fund violent groups such as Black Lives Matter and pay them to commit crimes against innocent Americans. At his elderly age now his son Alex is continuing his agenda meeting with politicians and media buying them to further his father's agendas. This must be stopped now.  George Soros cannot be allowed to remain in America and continue to actively work to sabotage and destroy our country.

We cannot allow his America born son to continue his assault against Americans. We ask that George Soros's naturalized citizenship be denaturalized and he be deported from our country and never be allowed to return again. We are asking he and his family members currently in America be stripped of any and all abilities to operate any businesses or have any financial dealings in our country.  We ask any person found doing business with George Soros or his Alex Soros to the detriment of our country be arrested for committing crimes against America. We ask they be held accountable for accepting said payments

We the people will no longer tolerate the Soroses interfering and actively working against our values deliberately trying to destroy our country. We the people want the country our forefathers founded. We do not want open borders or an open society. We do not want his Islamic invasion. We do not want his socialist or communistic agenda. We want America to remain sovereign, a Republic nation. We want to remain a Christian nation.

This man and his son will continue to attempt to destroy our western values and we agree he must be removed or arrested immediately to guard the safety of our values and our country. As George Soros has made it clear that he is working to destroy our country, restrictions must be put in place immediately against all the Soros family in America to keep them from further treason against our country. 

Thank you President Trump. 

Vanessa Feltner




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