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Notre Compagnie Américaine INTERNET COUCIL LLC avec son média DIACONESCO.TV qui couvre l'Europe du Sud tient à remercier tout particulièrement les Organisateurs du salon d'Art Contemporain ART MONACO 2010 ainsi que tous les exposants et les personnalités qui nous ont reçu si gentiment sur leurs stands :

Simine GARIB - Galerie Le Caméléon Antibes

Emel VARDAR - Peintre Sculpteur Istanboul Turquie

ir. Johan de GRUYTER - Galerie F.man Art Anvers Belgique


Angela GALIANDRO - Angel Art Gallery  Milano Italy

Jean-Emmanuel HAY  - Class & Relax Lifestyle Magazine Forbach France

Marc LAURENTI - ART GALLERY  Neuilly sur Seine France

Bruce DENNY - Sculpteur Angleterre


Dennis DOVWNEY - GALLERY OWNER Santa Fe Nouveau-Mexique U.S.A.

Michaella HIMMELSTRÖM-JANKOWICH - Svenska Konstgalleriet Malmö Suède ...

Diaconesco Gérard

President pour l'Europe


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Agathon Galleries specialises in museum quality Australian Aboriginal Art and is universally recognised for its premium investment quality paintings from the Central Desert and northern Australia. Our gallery is prestigiously located in the sophisticated arts hub in Waterloo Sydney.
Agathon Gallery is the exclusive dealer for Tommy Watson who holds the world art auction record for a living Aboriginal artist. Agathon Galleries also exhibits paintings from many of Australia’s award winning Aboriginal artists. These include Helen Tyalmuty McCarthy, Ngoia Pollard and Yinarupa Ngangala.
As innovators within the industry, the establishment of our new art centre studio in a pristine 10 acre rural precinct near Alice Springs has been a welcome initiative in raising the standards of professionalism across all aspects of the Aboriginal arts industry. Artists are provided with live in family accommodation, medical and professional support and payment at the highest levels. We enthusiastically support Australia’s new Indigenous Commercial Code of Conduct.

Alessandro Dubini

"Pirurpa Kalarintja"
by Tommy Watson  




Alessandro Dubini is an Italian architect and designer based in Monaco. The Alessandro Dubini Ltd. Editions is a collection of his art design furniture pieces, all signed and numbered originals.  
  Often described as ‘design’s great romantic’ or a ‘renaissance man’, he combines playful as well as extremely elegant forms with advanced technology, all characterized by strong emotional impact. Functionalism is not enough for Alessandro, he needs to create emotions and this is why his works are probably best described as sculptural furniture. Curious, challenging and inventive, his work ranges from design to architecture, from art direction and concept design to art installations and advertising campaigns.
Alessandro Dubini’s works are exhibited in different art design fairs and festivals.

Alessandro Dubini

“Le Roi” by Alessandro Dubini  



Angel Art Gallery was founded in 2005 by Angela Galiandro. The gallerist proves to be sensibile to Contemporary Art and is an accurate expert in her research and selection of young and talented artists, whom she proposes through exhibitions, fairs and public events all over the world.
Angel Art Gallery has created its own personal and original line, taking inspiration from various contemporary artistic currents, such as Superflat (Japan,) Lowbrow Art (California), New Folk (Canada,France, Sweden) and Spaghetti Pop (Italy).
Angel Art Gallery will be present at Art Monaco '10  with an interesting selection of works by the following well - known artists: Marcel Dzama, Aya Takano, Kukula, Alex Gross, Gianfranco Pulitano, Massimo Caccia, Giuseppe Veneziano, Greg Gossel, Francesco De Molfetta, Xno, Nicoz Balboa, Tomoko Nagao.

Angel Art Gallery

by Tomoko Nagao http://angelartgallery.it/



The Art Lounge gallery was the crossing of two distinct areas. First, the economic vision of the market based on academic and professional knowledge, secondly, the taste through art, national and international, focused mainly on the creativity of the contemporary field of fine arts.
Located in the heart of Lisbon, close to businesses, embassies, hotels and active areas of consumption and trade, opened the door in 2005. A strong bet of the gallery is to bring internationally renowned artists from Portugal. In a market in expansion, in which globalization is fact, it has become urgent the disclosure of names with work performed and recognized in art circuits.
Today the gallery is in a new space modern and adapted to any type of exhibitions, with about 500m2 and with all the conditions required a renowned international artist.

Art Lounge Gallery

by João Raul  



Buenos Aires holds a classical Art Fair that every year is dedicated to promote the different expressions of the artists from Argentina and abroad. That’s why ARTECLASICA has been consolidated, through its several editions, as the Argentina Art Fair which offers the true plurality of visual tendencies to its visitors with a strong profile both cultural and commercial.

Arte Clásica

by Alicia Farak


Atelier Galerie Morin
  (Saint-Paul-de-Vence )

Claude Morin et ses filles, Géraldine et Olivia, ont la fibre créatrice, une fibre qui s’exprime dans les domaines de la sculpture et de la peinture. Chacun y va de sa touche personnelle, bien entendu. Géraldine et Olivia sculptent le bronze, Claude aussi, mais il y ajoute le fer soudé (son hommage au sculpteur « César » est tout simplement magnifique). Olivia réalise des sanguines, tandis que Géraldine peint de manière plus «underground» (Gainsbourg, New York…) et que Claude opte pour des nus féminins, tout en volupté (en utilisant des techniques différentes: sanguine, huile sur toile, huile sur lin) et des représentations d’oiseaux (autruche, ibis, rouge gorge, mouette…). Trois talents à découvrir au sein de l’atelier galerie familial où ils exposent leurs oeuvres de manière permanente.

Atelier Galerie Morin

by Claude Morin  



ATELIER TERMINAL est entièrement consacré à BRUCE SCULPTEUR, sculpteur et artiste contem-porain.
Situé au cœur d’une ancienne «Friche industrielle» reconstruite par BRUCE SCULPTEUR  avec ses matériaux, ses métaux et son style, dans la région parisienne (Noisy  Le Sec).
ATELIER TERMINAL est une galerie  d’exposition située  au cœur du lieu de création de l’artiste.
ATELIER TERMINAL expose et permet une vision sur l’ensemble des œuvres et périodes de l’artiste.

Berlin Art Projects

by Bruce de Jaham



Berlin Art Projects opened its doors in late 2008 in the Auguststrasse, 50b. Drawing from many years experience in the global art market, its founders have dedicated themselves to supporting the work of emerging and established artists living and working in Berlin. With a program of frequently changing exhibitions and events, the gallery is particularly committed to supporting and encouraging artists as they enter the art international world.
The gallery focus is new tendencies in contemporary painting and sculpture. The spectrum of represented works ranges from Christian Awe’s abstract, Street Art inspired color worlds to young Turkish artist Yasam Sasmazer’s haunting wood sculptures to Sebastian Schrader’s realistically painted, precise compositions. Almost all of the gallery artists currently work in Berlin, and all are influenced and inspired by the city’s unique atmosphere.
With its two Berlin branches, the gallery currently represents ten artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United States. The project space in the Auguststrasse shows the artists’ latest works in solo exhibitions with an accompanying catalogue, while at the spacious showroom on Unter den Linden – in the direct vicinity of Museum Island and the Deutsche Guggenheim – individual works by different artists are placed in dialogue with one another and made accessible to a wider public.

Berlin Art Projects

American Apparel
by Jörg Lohse


Bruce Denny Sculptures
  (United Kingdom)

Born in 1967 in Suffolk, Bruce Denny spent his youth making things out of anything he could lay his hands on. He was fascinated by both the way things worked and their form and structure. His school years exacerbated the struggle between art and science. In the end, Science was the victor, leading to an honours degree in Biology and Chemistry. He wanted to understand what life was all about from the molecular level up.
With this thorough grounding, he came to realise that the complexities of human physiology and anatomy play only a small role in the wider picture of life, and that social interaction was key to his further development. He left the solitude of the laboratory behind for a job in the City of London, where the realities of modern day life were played out to the full.
Whilst financially rewarding and socially engaging, Bruce felt that his creativity was being stifled. He turned to theatre and the arts to fill the void.
In his search, Bruce discovered sculpture. His love of the human form and function placed figurative works at the centre of his interest and he signed up for a course at Morley College to introduce him to the techniques of life modelling in clay.
Finally he had found something to bring all his skills and experiences together.
“Sculpture requires a methodical approach and good spatial awareness, traits usually exhibited by a good scientist. At the same time the original ideas and concepts and the final piece of work require artistic creativity. I have found a medium in which I can express my ideas and desires utilising all my skills and experiences.” Says Bruce.
In his first exhibition, “Humanity”, he explored individual human traits. By stripping back all the trappings of culture and class, his naked human forms lovingly modelled in clay and beautifully cast in bronze inspire us to think about ourselves and how we live our lives.


by Bruce Denny  



Bruno Art Group is managed by Mr. Motti Abramovitz, a third generation art dealer whose grandfather started in the art business over 100 years ago. Through the years expertise was passed from generation to generation, with each one adding to and building upon the one before. Three generations of experience and a strong commitment to the arts makes us particularly knowledgeable of our customer’s individual needs.
Our best proof of quality is the many years the business has been running and succeeding. We place customer service at the top of our priorities.  We are committed to providing outstanding quality artwork of renowned Israeli and international artists. The company covers all aspects of the art business - representing world renowned artists, owning and running a silk-screen workshop, and selling to the wholesale and retail markets.  Bruno Art Group’s comprehensive and unique collections are currently available to wholesalers, art galleries and high-end designers while our retail customers can enjoy the same quality art in any one of our company galleries located throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean and Israel.


by Andrew Painter  



Cain Schulte Contemporary Art aims for excellence both in vision and execution, through a full schedule of exhibitions and events. Since its opening in 2006 in San Francisco and 2009 in Berlin, Germany, Cain Schulte Contemporary Art is proud to be an influential presence and an important exhibition venue in the international art scene.
Cain Schulte Contemporary Art represents contemporary artists from the United States and Europe with a focus in painting. Both galleries have a continuous exhibition program, featuring solo and group shows every 4-6 weeks. Cain Schulte Contemporary Art consistently participates in national and international art fairs. With the two galleries, owners Marina Cain and Kit Schulte seek to champion emerging contemporary artists working in a range of media with a focus on painting, who bring fresh interpretative visions to their genre and work within the context of the most contemporary art trends and cultural structures.


by Lars Theuerkauff



La Galerie Le Caméléon vous propose une palette multicolores d'artistes créatifs et authentiques aux styles variés : l'Art d'aujourd'hui, l'art singulier, l'art naïf et bien d'autres créativitées. Le sentiment d'authenticité et d'autant plus ressenti dès que l'on pousse sa porte située rue James Close au cœur de la pittoresque vieille ville d'Antibes.
Déjà de nombreux collectionneurs ont pris l'habitude de s'y rendre afin de ne pas rater d'œuvres uniques d'artistes hors du commun ; peintures féériques et des sculptures tout droit sorties d'un monde imaginaire. Toutes ces œuvres sont teintées d'émotion et vous invite à les découvrir au plus vite, pour cela vous pouvez vous rendre sur www.lecameleon.biz.
Le Cameleon Gallery caters to many tastes offering a multi-colored palette of creative artists who work in a variety of styles from Contemporary Art to Arte Naive and more. With a great turnover of artists several art collectors are loyal returning clients attracted by the exceptional work of talented artists.  Like a Chameleon blending with its background our masterpieces add luster to your environment. For a foretaste of the sublime aesthetics that grace our artists' work please visit our site.





Demenga galleries Switzerland was founded 1959 by my wonderful father Rudolf 'RUEDI' Demenga (Basel 1905-1983) who can  be considered, together with his close young friend Dr. h.c. Ernst Beyeler (Basel 1921-2010),  as THE persons making Basel world famous for contemporary art.
Demenga galleries Switzerland brings a treasure of contemporary third millenium art to ARTMONACO, at booth A 01 in Djaghilevs hall of the Forum of our close friends family Grimaldi. Grimaldi-Demenga have a half a century history. John NICHOLSON, NICE AND COOL AND J.S.G. BOGGS are artists, whos work were shown by the Demenga family in their galleries in Riehen, Basel, Berlin an at Demenga Galleries and Demenga Art Collection booths at International Comtemporary Art Fairs in Paris-Grand Palais, Shanghai, Dresden, Zürich.  New York. Los Angeles (4x), Barcelona,  London (3x) Geneva, Düseldorf,  Nice (all 3  2 x), Cologne, Berlin, Göttingen and elsewhere. April 2010 edition of Gallery calendar Switzerland, BASEL, the one of ZÜRICH and the one in BERN will hang with the top advertisement in hundreds.thousands museums galleries, libraries, exhibition halls, city halls, hotels, restaurants, dancings, coffee shops and other cultural places to advertise the first Art Fair in Monte Carlo, ARTMONACO'10.
Parts of the art treasure from NICHOLSON, NICE AND COOL. BOGGS, will also be exhibited as 'SELECTION OF THE ORGANIZERS'.


by John Nicholson



The Downey Gallery is located in Santa Fe New Mexico USA , on prestigious Canyon Rd. .Whether you are a collector or are diversifying your Portfolio,owner Julie Downey will introduce you to a collection of paintings and sculpture with a world view. Our philosophy is to provide collectors with art that compliments both their living space and portfolio. We are motivated by an inherent appreciation for fine art, starting with the creative process of the artist through to the passions and tastes of the collectors. It is our goal to provide our clients with a support network in which they can build their collection with integrity and expertise. The gallery has built a stable of international artists including Russian Master Nikolai Blokin and American Master Sandra Kuck;  other artist include Martha McFarland, George Goetz, Natasha Milashevich, Andre Shriokov Michael Wilkinson, Evaristo Algucil, Eustaquio Segrelles Del Pilar, Dennis Downey.


By Nikolai Blokhin



Expressions Art Gallery was founded by Major & Izzy Assour and Yoni Geffen in May 2008 and is located on Frishman st', in the center of the new art gallery district in Tel-Aviv (a two-minute-walk from all major Hotels). The gallery essentially aims at promoting and supporting Israeli artists of quality in Israel and abroad and therefore presents a variety of some of the best contemporary Israeli artists works from different fields such as, sculpture, painting and photography. Expressions art gallery specializes in sculptures and has presented two major Israeli artists' works (Tolla Inbar and Niso Maman) for the first time in Israel. Furthermore, the gallery often organizes events and exhibitions in order to open Israeli art to a larger audience.


By Tolla


F.man Art (BELGIUM)

The Belgian artist F.man is for years fascinated by the influence of personal perspective in the interpretation of the surrounding reality. "So many people, so many opinions". Dependent on where we stand, our conviction or idea is defined. And as we permanently keep moving, our opinion is formed and deformed. One moment contains an addition of opinions and visions, in which everybody sees something different depending on the place where they are.
To F.man it is a challenge to create this diversity and movement in a two dimensional painting, which changes under external factors. To achieve this she applies innovative techniques and psychedelic visual effects. The concept of 'complementary duality' is emphasized by assembling and playing off opposites in time (past – now) and in art movements (figurative art – abstract art ). Her works contribute to the cultivation of mutual respect, reconcilement of diversities and the magic that arises from it.
The most recent series ‘Fe-male Balance  –  A Wake-up Call’ demonstrates the quest for eternal balance between Yin and Yang and portrays forceful women.

F.man Art

by F.man  



Gregory Berkowitsch comes from a family that has worked in art for 4 generations. His new gallery in Saint-Paul, perfectly located opposite the highly reputed Colombe d’Or restaurant, presents works by modern and contemporary masters and photographers of international renown. Artists include Alechinsky, Calder, Chagall, Delvaux, Peter Halley, Keith Haring, Anish Kapoor, Klein, David Lachapelle, Magritte, Miro, Picasso, Plensa and Robert Silvers.
Gregory Berkowitsch, un galeriste issu d’une famille travaillant dans l’art depuis 4 générations, vous présente dans sa nouvelle galerie saint-pauloise, idéalement située en face de la très réputée Colombe d’Or, des oeuvres des grands classiques modernes et contemporains, ainsi que des photographes de renommée internationale. Les artistes : Alechinsky, Calder, Chagall, Delvaux, Peter Halley, Keith Haring, Anish Kapoor, Klein, David Lachapelle, Magritte, Miro, Picasso, Plensa, Robert Silvers...


IKB, pigments sur carton, 1959 - Yves Klein  



Jean Ferrero crée en 1954 le Studio Ferrero, atelier de photographies où il côtoie de nombreux artistes tels que Picasso, Cocteau, Hartung mais aussi des jeunes artistes niçois alors méconnus : Arman, César, Klein, Ben, etc. En 1972, il ouvre la Galerie Ferrero, lieu principalement orienté vers les artistes de l’Ecole de Nice et du Nouveau-Réalisme. En 2003, Jean Ferrero passe le relais à Guillaume Aral, qui maintient l’orientation historique de la galerie tout en l’ouvrant sur une nouvelle génération d’artistes, principalement de la Côte d’Azur. Un Nouvel Espace est ouvert en 2007 pour les expositions temporaires.


by Robert Indiana  



Based in Saint Paul de Vence, Guy Pieters’ Gallery is an exceptional space for all amateurs, collectors and professionals of modern and contemporary arts. The 750 m2 of the gallery sits inside a beautiful 4000 m2 garden that is dedicated to the most beautiful pieces of many reputable artists.
In June 2000, this space was opened by an exhibition of Jean Michel Folon and his presence, which set the tone of this unique space. Since its opening, every summer the gallery dedicates itself to exhibition of the highest quality works of reputable figures of the art world.


by Sam Francis



Coming soon...

Gallerie Lenka

Galerie Lenka  



Galleria Monteoliveto  is a term exposure open to the world of contemporary art, a window on  the Mediterranean and international creativity. In  the Central Street School in Nice exhibition space for the  Mediterranean meet and discuss art, and promoting opportunities for  artists to exhibit their works and for art lovers to enjoy. A  new gallery concept, real and virtual in tune with modern cities of  Europe, Paris, London, Barcelona, Antwerp, Berlin on the trail of a  contemporary art "outside the box" to give visibility to the contemporary art in its various expressions: painting, sculpture, photography, and a greater number of new forms of communication such as multimedia installations and on different media, artists known and less known, young and old, make a direct contact between lovers contemporary art and artists the opportunity to meet and deal directly with the gallery, as well as online in the website.


By Loredana Alfieri  



Gallery Myra is located in the historic town of Vence,  on the French Riviera.
Our gallery seeks to satisfy both the casual art buyer and the established collector presenting works of artists who are groundbreaking contemporary visionaries, young upcoming talents or established masters.
Its exhibits and inventory covers a wide selection of art with an emphasis on promotion of young promising artists offering an Artist-in-Residence programme.
The Gallery Myra Artist-in-Residence Program serves to promote creative exploration for artists of diverse nationalities and backgrounds. It is suitable to painters who wish to change their environment for a couple of weeks and find inspiration in a new environment.
Invitations to participate in the Program are awarded based on a record of excellence and commitment to the arts.


by Matt Held



Galerie Pokorna presents contemporary  and modern art with a special accent on glass as a new material to create. Galerie started its activities in 1997 and since  that time succeeded to participate every year at the art fairs in Chicago, New York, Miami, Strasbourg, Praha, Brno and this year also in  Art Monaco. We represent mainly work by artists who started to express their  ideas and feelings in glass. We admire new branch in contemporary art which  started in mid – 20th and which quality was confirmed first time at EXPO ´58 in Brussel. Since that time are works by  Czech artists as S. Libensky, J. Brychtova, R. Roubícek, M. Roubickova, V.  Kopecky, D. Zamecnikova or Marian Karel represented in many public, museum or  privat collection. Glass, transparent material with inner space, an interplay  with light changed face of contemporary art for ever. And it is still on the  upgrade.
Galerie Pokorná will present in Art Monaco sculptures  and paintings by artists working mainly with glass and are already icons in the  field of contemporary art. We will present also new talents, younger artists whose work forces the discipline forward and who do not care so far what is the  material they work with. Most important is their expression.


“Beginning’ by V. Klumparova  



The Galerie Tantow was founded in July  2004 to promote Latin American contemporary art. Every two month, individual or  group exhibitions are organized in close cooperation with the artists and sometimes with the diplomatic representations of Latin American countries in Germany.
  Currently, 25 plastic artists from Mexico, the Dominican   Republic, Venezuela,  Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina belong to the  continuously growing group of artists of the gallery. Focus is laid on Venezuela, where during the 1960s in the city of  Maracaibo the School of Maracaibo   was established. Many of today’s well known and recognized artists emerged from  this school and they received many awards for their works. Some received  scholarships to study at famous European art schools in early years and some  taught for many years at the art schools in Maracaibo. Their works were shown worldwide  at numerous exhibitions, saloons and biennials.


“Incubación” By Niero Quintero



Hardcore Art Contemporary Space opened its doors in late 2005. The gallery took its name from the exhibition “Hardcore: art towards a new activism”, curated by Jerome Sans, curator and former director of Palais de  Tokio (2003).
HACS presents the work of cutting edge, new media and international emerging to mid-career artists who use innovative and provocative mediums to  raise questions about our post-contemporary society.
The gallery focuses on  projects and proposals that touch on present universal subject matters as:  genetics, green issues, abuse, cloning, politics, sexuality, and other social  topics. It also supports artists who often adopt extreme positions, those who  push limits and those who question their impact on society.


“Closer to me than myself - 2” by Morawetz



Jacques Soussana fine art gallery and fine art  publisher, was founded in 1985.It is the home of Israel's most popular artists. For  over 25 years, Jacques Soussana has been one of the Israeli art scene's most prominent connoisseurs and art collectors.
While promoting veterans of the fine-art world,  he has published original edition of graphics art for well-known artists such  as Yaakov Agam and Vasarely. Soussana has always been at the forefront of new  and emerging technologies and young up-and-coming talents.


“Bauhaus in Tel Aviv” By Adriana Naveh



Kalos Gallery was founded  in 1992 in Taipei   City. It is a leading gallery in promoting contemporary art and artist in the domestic and international environment.  Cooperating artists include Juming, Chang Chia-Ting, Shu Wei-Jong..etc. Types of artworks exhibited including sculpture,  oil painting, watercolor painting, and mixed media.






Kehrig Fine Art offers private placement of investment-grade paintings and   sculpture. We believe that beauty in art is essential. During Monaco Art   2010, Kehrig Fine Art presents the latest work by the sculptor Blake, one   of the world's finest masters of bronze and marble.



“Lora Marble” by Blake



The Kings Road Gallery & Tanya Baxter Contemporary was founded in 1998 having already set up a gallery in Hong Kong in the late 1990’s. She has established a strong global reputation for sourcing leading and emerging artists from the contemporary British, European and Asian art schools. We are an international art advisor to banks, hotels and developers. The gallery has an impressive stable of established artists who feature in museums, corporate and private collections as well as public landmark locations, most recently at last year’s Venice Biennale. The most recent exhibition showcased the work of two surviving founders of the Indian Progressive Art Movement, S.H.Raza and M.F.Husain – a joint event with Barclays Wealth.  This was the first time in their long careers that these artists had shown together in London.
The Kings Road Gallery regularly participates in International art fairs and exhibitions in New York, Hong Kong, Dublin, Paris and London.  The gallery’s Art Consultancy advises on corporate collections for banks and multinationals, hotels and private collectors.
Since opening its doors in April 1998, the gallery has assembled an impressive stable of respected British, European and Asian artists, including the British travel painter Pip Todd Warmoth, the enigmatic and witty Russian artist Konstantin Bessmertny, and the rising young star exponent of Magic Realism, Sacha Jafri.  Other leading International artists represented include Ling Jian, Ju Ming and Zeng Chuanxing. Kings Road Gallery also introduces collectors to other mid-career artists including Ronnie Ford, Susan Jayne Hocking and Richard Allen.



Zeng Chuanxing, Red Paperbride
Oil on Canvas



La Familia Gallery is an artist-run exhibition space that promotes the work and ambitions of the La Familia Artist Community.  It is dedicated to  furthering the visibility of the arts across cultures and communities through  social cooperation.
Founded in the 2005 and designed by social systems  artist Lanae Rivers-Woods, La Familia is a functional installation project  carefully designed to explore the effects of community on artists' work and careers.  Located in the Tashiro-Kaplin building in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood  of Seattle, the  gallery continues to be a steadily evolving social experiment that responds  quickly to both social change and artists' need - molding and adapting in ways  that will most benefit its members.


“Dreamfield” by Zanetka  




Created   in 2006 by Marc & Wanda Lawrence, "Marc Laurenti Art Gallery is the  first art gallery in the world, charitable and dedicated humanitarian  work.


“Composition abstraite”
by Fernand Léger




Mazzoleni Galleria d’Arte, once known as Nuova Gissi Gallery, since the 1950 is one of the most important and prestigious art galleries in Europe. During 1986, the gallery was taken over by Giovanni Mazzoleni, who manages it with his two sons: Davide and Luigi. The Mazzoleni Galleria d’Arte is maintaining continuity with the Twentieth Century painting tradition, but carefully pursuing and developing contemporary themes.
The “History of Art” took place in the gallery’s exhibition rooms: Picasso, Chagall, Dalí, Magritte, Van Gogh and many other Masters of Art. Situated in the 18th Century building Panizza Palace, on three floors, each one still with their original frescos.
Recently an extra space has been added which is dedicated to Contemporary Graphics. Since ten years we have been attending the most important fairs in Italy, as we consider fairs the best way to be known in the Art world, showing our masterpieces to collectors and to general public. So, it is really important for us to have the possibility to increase our business outside Italy.


“Rosso” by Agostino Bonalumi  



Founded in Monaco in 1998, Monaco Modern'Art, is a contemporary art exhibition space.
Monaco Modern Art presents Philippe PASTOR works all the year. You will discover his last creations and catalogues.
We also exhibit the Sculptures,The Burned Trees,all the year, in France and abroad. Other artists are invited to have exhibitions in the space.


by Philippe Pastor



Neue Nunst Gallery program is at one hand  founded on young cutting edge positions from  international working artists with well known but nevertheless highly individual and unique positions. Like Thomas Baumgärtel, Winfried Gaul, Ana Mathiou (from Greece lives in London)    Moritz Götze  and naturally THITZ.  He is one of the most emerging painters in Germany and since his last year Show "painted Cities" at the famous State -Museum "Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe" here we could place his work  in curated shows and collections (e.g. Frieder Burda Museum, Collection Würth , Collection of the City of Athens, Deutsche Bank, Museu de arte de Londrina, Brasil, LMT Collection (Detroit).  With his recently developed series of " painted cities"- he presents a new and unique statement of painting itself. That series was first presented at the famous "Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe". There also appeared the new book "painted cities". Never touched by fashionable "Schools" or techniques, but rather by Through his way finding out an individual stile,  he began using parts of  known materials and concepts- but he never copies. His work is never "only painting" or "only collage" his concept is not only conceptual art but even the narrative elements are more than simply figurative or abstract.


by Thitz



The Noah’s Ark Art Gallery was founded in 1996, by Mosses Herkelian (Ph D) who is a doctor of arts, an art critic, a gallerist, and journalist. From 1996-2000 the gallery had a very active schedule, organizing new exhibitions throughout each year,  in its place in Zalka/Lebanon.  In the year 2000 the gallery was invited to Europ’Art Geneva and participated in Europ’Art 2000, having a very successful show. The artworks of gallery’s featured artist Vahram are displayed in different museums. Fantastic Art Museum of Gruyeres owns a painting Vahram, titled “The Midnight Game” as part of its collection. Beginning in the year 2000, the gallery has participated in a variety of International art fairs around the world including, Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice, New York, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Beijing, etc.
The gallery focuses on Post Soviet Painting, and has a group of artists from Moscow and Yerevan creating art exclusively for Noah’s Ark art gallery. In addition we show several artists from other countries, we feel exhibit the elements we look for in artists, including education, technique, and passion about their subject.  The art collectors will recognize our artists’ (Vahram, Suren, David, Vahan Roumelian, Edik Pertian) art and continue to collect the work year after year. This is due to the fact that the interest in our artists’ work has increased internationally due to the demand of a larger number of art collectors.

Noahs Ark Gallery

by Vahram Davtian



With locations all over the world as Paris,  Singapore, Hong-Kong, Miami, London, Venice, Seoul, Geneva, Dubai, New York and Monaco, Opera Gallery is renowned  for it’s prestigious situation in the most important international  destinations, and continues to expand. The foundator of the world class Opera  Gallery is Ms. Gilles Dyan one of the thirty-eight Certified Experts in  European Contemporary Paintings stringently regulated by the European Chamber  of Art Expert Advisors, he is also a trusted figure with the families and  estate executioners of art.
The Opera Gallery in Monaco  has first opened its doors on the   24th of July 2008.
  The Opera Gallery comprises high-end contemporary painting, photography,  furniture, sculpture as well as early modern masters and nineteenth century  pieces. Perpetrating a traditional passion for the arts steeped in decades of  devotion by its reigning Princes, Monaco’s cultural aura shines far  beyond its borders. With a surface of 400 sqm2, and located in the exquisite  area of the renowned Palace de la Scala, Opera    Gallery Monaco  wishes to propose international art lovers an unparalleled collection of  original fine art.
The Opera Gallery comprises  high-end contemporary painting, photography, furniture, sculpture as well as  early modern masters and nineteenth century pieces. The contemporary selection  encompasses a broad range of styles and subjects matter, so that there is truly  is something for everyone.
In present Opera Gallery   Monaco is  hosting contemporary masterpieces as Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Chagall, Buffet and  Matisse as well as works by the rising forces of the current art scene like  Jenkell Laurence, Romero Britto, Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey, Jean-François  Larrieu, Mark Kaplan and more.
The contemporary selection encompasses a broad range  of styles and subjects matter, so that there is truly is something for everyone.


“Tête d’homme barbu” By Pablo Picasso  



Architecte et sculpteur, l'artiste française Nathalie Bicais poursuit son travail sur le thème du regard en proposant une série de sculptures baignées d'humanité. " A travers le regard c’est la vie qui transparait, explique-t-elle, je cherche à aller plus loin dans l'expressionisme partant ainsi à la rencontre de visages plus ethniques". Réalisées à partir de terre glaise, sa matière de prédilection, ses créations font apparaître une galerie de personnages et de corps où se mèlent sensualité, surréalisme et rêve. Comme un mariage entre le monde réel représenté par le classicisme des formes, et son univers intérieur, romanesque, peuplé de personnages fantastiques, de mythologies, de divinités ou d'androïdes. "Le fil conducteur, c'est l'humanité et comment les critères esthétiques se recomposent avec le mélange des cultures". Artistes aux influences éclectiques, elle se dit "impressionnéepar la simplicité du style égyptien", mais aussi par la puissance des portraits de Rodin qui l'ont influencée dès ses débuts. Elle avoue enfin une fascination pour l'oeuvre de l'artiste sénégalais Ousmane Sow, rencontré ces dernières années.Toujours en mouvement, Nathalie Bicais se lance aujourd'hui dans l'épopée du voyage, et trouve une nouvelle source d’inspiration dans la bande dessinée, de Corto Maltèse au manga.





Ronen Art Gallery is a daughter branch of Ronen Art Vision. Established in 1982 by Atmo Ronen and based in Amsterdam.
Gallery's mission consists on showcasing a select group of young and emerging artists, offering them a ' travel wheel ' to expos their Art works. Tightening the relationships between local artists and international venues, and vice versa.
We choose to work with Artists who use their artistic talents for the Joy of creating Art as well as making a living.
Artist who put 'Their Heart in the Art'!
Ronen Art Gallery's concept is to meet our customers within the international Art shows. Traveling with our Art pieces, inviting the artists to join and help out at the stand during the exhibition and making sure that the prices are affordable for the public to buy and take home.
The gallery was, based upon 15 years experience in art trade, founded in 2002. We currently run three locations in Austria (Salzburg, Vienna, Graz), one location in London as well as one location in Miami Beach.

Ronen Art Gallery

by Erik Zwezerijnen  



RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY offers a wide selection of contemporary and modern 20th and 21st century American, European and Asian art, with main focus on Pop Art and photography. Gallery inventory and exhibition programm include master artists, such as Andy Warhol, Andres Serrano, Damien Hirst, David LaChapelle, Lawrence Schiller or Frank Worth.
RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY also presents selected emerging artists evolving from that direction, such as Heidi Popovic, Wulf Treu and many others.
The gallery was, based upon 15 years experience in art trade, founded in 2002. We currently run three locations in Austria (Salzburg, Vienna, Graz), one location in London as well as one location in Miami Beach.


by Andy Warhol



Founded in 1974 the Svenska Konstgalleriet posesses a very professional and international reputation with more than 400 exhibitions in the world, in top quality museums and art fairs in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and Mexico. The gallery is working with 500 professional artists from all four corners of the world focusing on modern and contemporary art. Some of these artists will be presented in Art Monaco '10 | Édition Spéciale.

Svenskakonst Galleriet

by Mickaella HIMMELSTRÖM  



Thavibu Gallery was established in 1998 and represents important as well as upcoming artists from Thailand, Vietnam and Burma whose art expresses and communicates the imaginative aspects of their cultures and reflects concerns that encompass the spiritual, the social and the political. Our commitment is to survey local trends in these countries and expose the work of their artists to a global audience. Thavibu Gallery has furnished art museums with works by important artists, and several of the artists represented in the gallery have works regularly sold at international auction houses. Moreover, the gallery has participated in international art fairs such as Art Singapore, Art Taipei (Taiwan), and the Indian Art Summit. Important to our commitment to the development of contemporary art in the countries and among the artists with whom we interact is the publishing of art books and comprehensive catalogues. During the last five years, a total of ten quality books and catalogues have been published. They include six artists’ monographs, Flavours – Thai Contemporary Art by Steven Pettifor, which is the main book available on Thai contemporary art, and Impressions and Expressions – Vietnamese Contemporary Painting by Shireen Naziree and Phan Cam Thuong, which is an important publication on contemporary art in Vietnam.


by Jirapat Tatsanasomboon



The gallery was  established in 1996 and is located on a quiet street near the city centre of  Kampala.Our main goal to promote good local artists, hence 90 % of the art  shown is by Ugandan artists, to name a few Geoffrey Mukasa, Stephen Kasumba,  Rose Kirumira, Maria Naita, David Kigozi,   Kizito Maria Kasule, Elly Kyeyune, Eria Sane Nsubuga, Henry Mzili  Mujunga.One of the popular shows every year is ‘Discoveries’, an exhibition cum  competition for young artists. Usually   over 20 artists participate and all visitors are encouraged to vote for  their favorite. The winner receives a small prize from the gallery for encouragement.
Due  to our good reputation we got also approached by artists from abroad. One show  per year is organized for foreign artists and over the years we exhibited works  by  well known artists like Rashid Diab, Salah Elmur, Issam Hafiez, Ahmed Abushariaa, El Tayib, Izzeldin Kojour, H.H.  Halfawi, Salah Ammar  from Sudan,  Nataniel Moiane from Mozambique, Justus Kyalo, Peter Elungat, Wilson Mwangi,  Mazzola and Kioko from Kenya and Matthias Koerner, Germany , who is a special friend to the gallery since 1996.
  Additional to our program in the gallery of 8 -9  exhibitions per year we have participated in art events in London,  Montreal and Berlin  and collaborate with the organizers of the East African Biennale, Dar es Salam, Tanzania,  since 2003.


by Matthias Koemer



For most of us, Mongolia  is a remote, mysterious and untouched land where the descendents of Chinggis  Khan still roam as nomads across the steppe. Although this nomadic culture has  not been fully revealed to the world, the customs, traditions and perceptions  of Mongolians are uniquely depicted in the works of several fine Mongolian  artists represented by Valiant Art & Auction House, whose use of  vivid colors from the  country’s natural setting is especially noteworthy.
During the past five years  Elisabeth Koppa has been introducing this unique art to the world by displaying  it at 51 national and international exhibitions. Thanks to her enthusiasm and  efforts the works of Mongolian artists have gained the appreciation and  recognition they deserve by finding their way onto the walls of art lovers and collectors around the world.
Now,  Valiant Art & Auction House like a modern Nomad,   crossing the world to introduce some of the freshest and most unique  expressions of this beautiful land and its people this time to Monaco.

Valiant Art & Auction House

by Oilan J.



W. H. Patterson is an international family business of great distinction. We have two galleries: one in Mayfair, the heart of the art world in London and the other in the financial centre of the City by the Bank of England. Since 1964, W. H. Patterson has dealt in leading British and European contemporary painters and sculptors and holds regular exhibitions both home and abroad.
  Our ethos as a gallery is a love of fine paintings and we assist our collectors with their choice and enjoyment of art by passing on our intrinsic knowledge. Accumulated during 258 years of continuous dealing, our quest for the finest examples of our chosen artists’ works takes us far afield and we boast an unrivalled experience of many contemporary British and European artists.  Many important collections both for individuals and financial institutions have benefited from our expertise and we pride ourselves in maintaining close contact with clients whilst advising them in all aspects of collecting including presentation, insurance and framing.
In this age of modern and abstract art it is refreshing to discover artists who are trained in the classical methods of painting. Irrespective of the subject matter, our paintings display a balance of tone and form which require a high degree of ability to create.  Time has proved that our paintings will outlive all changes of fashion and taste.


“Dinky Toys 23j – Ferrari Racing Car” by Walter Dolphyn  



Coming soon...





Contempop is specializing in Contemporary Modern Art and Emerging  young Artists from Israel and around the world. The Gallery is based in Tel Aviv and is constantly participating in art fairs around the world in order to expose its artists to the world and search for new markets. The gallery presents a variety of some of the best contemporary Israeli artists` works from different fields such as, sculpture, painting and photography.


by Miri Davidovich  



Inspired by her diversified culture, Tatiana expresses her strong emotions through both sculptures and paintings. The intensity of her work is probably due to her Slav origins. Each piece is full of energy and enthuse a myriad of feelings to the observer. Whether she is depicting anger and distress or serenity and bliss, her work is always full of grace and mesmerizes the eye. Her paintings are characterized by soft, elegant lines, daring strokes and bold use of colors. Her sculptures are very feminine with harmonious, sensual, expressive shapes, reflecting elements of classicism mixed with influence of the Russian Avant Garde. All of it captivating in its harmony.


by Tatiana Koltchine  



ELIANE ROZGA was born in Belgium.As the daughter of an artist, she was brought up in a creative environment, where she was able to develop an early appreciation of music, painting and sculpture. If anything, her father's death left Eliane with a stronger commitment to her own talents as an artist. In his memory, her work is signed M.E. Rozga' M for Maurice, her father's name, and E for Eliane.
"I know instinctively when a photograph will become a successful portrait," says Eliane."I started my collection, SPIRITS OF THE MILLENNIUM, not long after Dad passed away. Somehow, I'm aware that he approves of the work I'm doing. It's uncanny, but when the patterns of light and colour come together, in one of my paintings, and the portrait comes to life on the canvas, I can sense that approval."
Eliane's professional life is an extension of these sensibilities. She works in the television industry, as a make-up director...coming into close contact, daily with the people in the news." From movie actors to politicians,"Eliane points out, "I get to hang out with some of the most creative individuals on the planet."
The portraits Eliane produces are best seen in soft lighting. They come from the heart, where shadows have no place.

Studio Rozga

by Eliane Rozga



My interest in the natural coastline and the relationship between the sky, sea and land has been a prominent part of my work for the last 5 years. I have explored this subject through painting with many techniques of layering, using mixed media and developing a paint process. Before working with oils I used watercolour but I felt this could not capture the overbearing atmosphere of this subject.
I am currently working towards another series of seascapes that explore paint and the act of painting as a process. Through these processes and certain techniques I hope to capture the power and atmosphere of the sea as well as develop, using paint, the relationship the land, the sea and the sky has with one another. I immerse myself within the natural environment for long periods, drawing in the occasional powerful atmosphere the weather can bring, gaining visual research and inspiration to produce the work.
The materials I use include oils, bitumen, gravel, PVA and emulsion. I am focusing on the technique more now than the subject matter and enjoying the ideas and results of the paint and the processes being my main concern.
The sea and the sky are fascinating to me, especially in extreme circumstances, storms etc. In painting I feel very strongly that energy must be met with energy. By this I mean big seas and powerful subject matter benefits from energetic, physical and confident painting which usually includes allowing the paint to have its own way without using a brush. Dripping, pouring, throwing, lifting, shaking etc all add to this affect, as well as thick texture and paint.


by Michael Sole  



The desire for painting appeared before I learned how to walk. My first art school was in the Domodedovo Moskovsvoky are under the leadership of the heaadmaster Bychkova Gennady Mikhailovich. I was the youngest student in the art school because I was only four years of age. At the same time time, I combined both classes in painting and professional sports (acrobatics). At 9 years old, I enetered the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum Russia Academy of Art named after the VI Surikov (Mahli of Arts) and graduated form the Lyceum in 2006.

I now am currently a student of the Faculty of Painting (Restauration department) of the Academy of Arts named after the IE Repin City of St.Petersburg. The Academy of Arts in 2008 issue "Toolkit", in which a few of works. I also take part in charity auction and exhibitions.


by Valeriya Kravchuk



Espace Gebo’s Art a été créé en 2007 en tant que “Studio-Galerie” par Johanan Herson et son associée Marlen Ferrer pour leur permettre de se découvrir en tant qu’artistes. Raphaël Barbibay les a rejoints plus tard en tant que Curateur et ensemble ils ont créé  un environnement dynamique et propice à l’exposition d’œuvres d’artistes reconnus mais également à de nouveaux talents.   Le principe de Gebo Art Space est d’offrir à des artistes venus de la périphérie,  la possibilité d’exposer dans le centre de Tel Aviv, au cœur du monde de l’art Israëlien avec  l’intention de créer un dialogue entre l’Art et le Design .
Raphaël Barbibay fondateur de « Art Connections Israël » est installé à Gebo Art Space et offre aux artistes Israëliens et internationaux l’opportunité d’exposer en Israël et à l’étranger.


Ruven Kuperman,  Father, 2009.
Oil on wood, 122x82cm  


  (Villefranche-sur-Mer, FRANCE)

J’ai travaillé pour la Galerie Marisa del Ré à New York pendant 9 années ; mon rôle était de coordonner l’organisation de la Biennale de Sculptures de Monte Carlo avec Marisa, les Affaires Culturelles de la Principauté et les dirigeants de la Société des Bains de Mer.
J’ai participé à cinq Biennales, deux expositions personnelles consacrées à Botéro et Cesar et une exposition de peinture pendant toutes ces années. J’ai ensuite travaillé à la Galerie Marlborough de Monaco et je suis actuellement consultante privée en art.
J’ai découvert le travail de Carol il y a quelques années alors que j’étais frappé par la force de son trait et de sa peinture. J’ai suivi le cheminement logique de son travail et son évolution de l’art figuratif à l’abstraction.
La palette très riche de ses paysages méditerranéens, l’univers statique de ses représentations tandis que le mouvement se découvre dans le traitement des matières huile et sable.
La texture rustique est omniprésente dans ses séries sur les palmiers, toiles sur lesquelles la figuration approche l’abstraction. Dans une vue grandie d’un tronc d’arbre, une myriade d’images témoignant de notre mémoire collective arrivent en mémoire ; paysages aériens où les routes croisent champs et prés, ultimes tremplins de pierre franchissant une rivière, un filet délimitant sa prise en mer.
Dans l’Univers Rouge,  l’image est à la fois abstraite et figurative, magique et familière. Une dimension surréaliste née ; on peut presque entendre le bruit de l’écorce terrestre sous quelques pas irréels.
La couleur rouge, très importante dans son œuvre (celle de la lave fondue), nous transmet la puissance, le mouvement et l’énergie de la création terrestre. La richesse de la texture tridimensionnelle invite le lecteur à une approche tactile. On imagine l’élément liquide emplissant les cratères…
Dans cette nouvelle ère où l’art contemporain, quelquefois outrageant, s’analyse artistiquement comme « tout ou rien’ , je pense qu’il conviendrait de revenir vers une expression artistique plus conventionnelle. Dans le contexte de l’écroulement du monde financier, une œuvre d’art  qui n’offre ni beauté, ni histoire ni talent artistique mais seulement un concept ou une idée ne peut offrir à l’âme ni confort ni renaissance.
« L’Univers Rouge » est exécuté avec talent et passion; œuvre définitive, organique en elle-même, elle parle de la terre qui nous héberge.


Studio Bruton



The work of art and its writing.
Even in the art market genuine unexpected events may rise out of the corner where they were hidden and come up in full light while getting free from the shadows cast upon them by the great masters. Such uncommon events do happen unexpectedly and demonstrate once more that art is exempt from convention and welcomes instead those who in this field live only at the margin. Indeed true talents can be spotted even in difficult circumstances.
Therefore the one whose participation in cultural life is only unconscious can with a clear insight show understanding and good judgement. Even though it is difficult to classify things rightly at first, serious attention will drive you to the right interpretation.
Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel’s works not only gratify beholders with solid gripping points but also with so many virtual interpretations; the artist’s creative outlook develops a process starting in photography then turning back to painting. On the canvas, the use of pictorial elements in a serial way brings forward very rational ideas and thoughts that are supported by the direct, sensual utilization of pigment. Starting from a cold first impression, the one given by the lens of a camera, you reach conclusively a warm painting with full sensitivity. No doubt that this proceeds from a need to bring warmth to the static objectivity of reality through identified humorous experiments. A necessity which however seems to come off its hinges and expresses itself in the eccentric chromatic values of  Pop culture through which the artist suggests solutions far beyond the Kitsch expression – a hint revealing her complex character : capable of absurdity, excellent for the surface, yet at the same time, full of attention, profound and providing food for thought.
With Nataly, application of the black colour is no matter of decoration, it asserts a personality ready to take all the risks involved in such a contrasted painting.
Moving or vibrating in the black are geometrical forms, once more so rational, but made precious through the sparkling spectre of chromaticism. The canvas is a territory where movements and conflicts synthesize different languages and completed experiments. Thereby installing the ideal connection with the digital images we come across every day in our electronic world and that are still light and elegant thanks to their style due to direct craftsmanship interventions.
The thickness of the matter spread with a spatula together with traces of chalk and plaster on the surface take us back to the spell of sensitiveness and also remind us of movement sequences in a film.
There are two basic elements involving us in the construction of film shooting: the pictorial, “light” structure calling up electric currents and the varied repetition of real fragments. The constant strain towards combining various objects, carefully selected by the artist, produces film sequences: the movie of our life. It is mainly through this approach of works of art that those get endowed with a new poetic and human aura...
It allows us to understand time, a certain period of time (documented by the steady repetition of images) and of course some space upon which everything relies. Two very important basic factors lead us to understanding. Time and space. Such works we made a detailed analysis of , essentially remind us that art is a fantastic instrument to discover the present and question the past.
Retrospectively I have to acknowledge that these pictures are undoubtedly cultural products and, as such, witnesses of a specific cultural atmosphere.
Let us fancy that we can read a picture like a written document, the picture would then open itself for those attempting this sort of approach. A text allows self expression but affects at the same time all the individuals reading it or even changes the ideas prevailing in a society.
Nataly’s text and writing describe the circumstances of her own life and by the same movement she participates in the changing of society while interacting with her environment.
To conclude, we like to wonder about the anthropological meaning of such writing or text and we have to observe that before us is a reflection of the cultural testimonies of various objects, things, that assist us in a most important intellectual function, think about our human condition.
The last remark will deal with the choice of the elements of the images and of the topics. The artist often explored an intimate feminine world with the relevant feelings.
Hands touching, expressive promising lips, special spots of the body anatomy, display a balanced emotional world. However, the artist is also capable of dealing with distortions, she is not only concerned with her own subject but also with others’ subjects. For all the reasons above, the art lover is deeply impressed by Nataly Kimmel’s works, they create a special energy by making opposites communicate. This results in a sort of strain, quite specific, allowing for unlimited different looks corresponding to each individual’s personality.
To summarize, it can be said that Nataly is presenting with much force and passion to an international public her gripping, provocative work, but primarily open to all interpretations.


by Nathalie Nadal-Olivié & Nataly Cnyrim



Edward Waites was born in 1988 and has grown up in and around the Suffolk countryside. He continued art throughout his school years at The King's School Ely, where he was awarded a scholarship. He did not start experimenting with sculpture until he was sixteen, but since then, this has been his main media of interest.
His favoured subject matter is animals and wildlife, keeping an emphasis on the animal's physique. His individual style is apparent in the animal's form throughout his sculpture. He produces limited edition bronzes from miniature work up to larger scale pieces. Edwards's interest and lifestyle has a subtle influence on his work, and his ideas spring from his rural surroundings, interest in animals and their physical form. His fascination with the animal's character comes through in his work and is portrayed and is captured in their muscular form. Edward intends to depict each animal's characteristics in his various pieces.


by Edward Waites  



Planet Vivid Gallery opened in November 2006 and was founded by Helen Hofmann, the gallerist, and Ronnie Zimmermann, who is the resident artist. This gallery project is about creating something new and different with energy and passion.
We chose a special and different name for the gallery, with the intention to create on the one hand a communication platform for modern contemporary art and on the other hand to indicate our concept of art, which is life-affirming, cosmopolitan, spontaneous, emotionally profound.


by Ronnie Zimmerman



Joanna Borkowska is a new figure making her way onto the art scene. The artist's deep connection with Nature is the source of her creative energy and vision. The subtle yet consistent language of her style reflects a discipline that leads one to her intimate contemplative world, which can either offer a sense of inner peace or challenge one's core being. The artist writes that "the creative process is a collaborative effort, but the artist is responsible for the ultimate outcome. I work in a partnership with Nature in order to prepare a space in which I can establish contact with the essence of a form—either from the material world or the world of ideas. A painting gradually evolves from the mutual discovery and exploration between the artist and this form; it is a reflection of this dynamic. The resulting piece of art develops its own independent existence, becoming a new form creating a potentially infinite number of interactions and interrelations with the viewer."

by Joanna Borkowska



Ayant évolué dans le monde de l'art pendant une quinzaine d'années, RABIAA MENOUAR a naturellement créé sa galerie en septembre 2000. Elle défend la création contemporaine issue principalement de la scène artistique française mais s'ouvre dorénavant à la scène internationale, tous média confondus avec un programme de cinq expositions annuelles. La galerie est actuellement en cours de restructuration, une nouvelle programmation de jeunes artistes contemporains est mise en place depuis janvier 2009.


Untitled n°542, Huile sur toile, 162cm x 130cm - 2009
by Françoise Nielly